Saturday and Sunday, August 29th and 30th mark the Massachusetts annual tax-free weekend. That annual event allows people to make purchases up to $2500 without paying the state 6.25% sales tax. It is a great time to get a jump on your holiday shopping too.

Things will however be a bit different this year with retailers still battered by the coronavirus pandemic. Much of our shopping will be online has it has been for the past several months. Restrictions are still in place inside stores on how many people can be inside at any given time. Retailers, besides not making as much money as they are used to, are also spending more.

Not only did small business owners lose a lot of revenue in recent months, but to be able to reopen they now spend additional money on protective equipment or plexiglass barriers to protect customers and employees from the virus. ~ state director of NFIB in Massachusetts.


Small businesses empower small communities all-across Massachusetts. According to a study from American Express, 67 cents of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the community. And that is good news. We have so many wonderful small businesses here in the Berkshires. Make sure you do not just visit the “Big Box” stores, pay these small businesses a visit as well and spend some money there.

Consumers can get more detail about what is eligible and have their frequently asked questions answered about Massachusetts’ tax-free weekend on the state’s tax free holiday webpage.

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