Have you been missing Red Sox baseball? Silly question, right? So, have we… and we are thrilled to say that the wait is finally over! As you know the Red Sox are getting set to kick off a shortened season that has been a long time in coming. Let’s face it we are lucky to have a season at all. It was not looking too good for a while there.

MLB players will have to follow a lot of rules on the field to follow social distancing guidelines. Among them:

  • Players are not allowed to make deliberate contact with another player. That includes high fives, handshakes, and sadly… hugs.
  • NO spitting is allowed… and that goes for sunflower seeds as well as spitballs!
  • Players may not want to get to close to the umpire or an opponent during a dispute, as they just may find themselves watching the game on TV from the locker room.

The game itself will have several rules changes that have been put into place for the shortened season:

  • There will be a universal designated hitter, meaning NL teams must use a DH in their lineups, and pitchers will not be hitting.
  • A new "three-batter minimum" rule remains intact: each relief pitcher must face at least three batters.
  • Pitchers can use a "wet rag" to keep their fingers moist in lieu of licking their fingers. Remember… NO spitting!

As for the schedule, all the teams will stay regional meaning the Red Sox will play the teams in the American League East and the rest of their games against the National League East teams.

We will have all 60 games (and hopefully a post-season) right here, on 1420 WBEC!

Here is a link to the full Red Sox Schedule at MLB.com: https://www.mlb.com/redsox/schedule/2020-07

You can download the a printable schedule HERE.

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