With Halloween just around the corner, here is an opportunity for those who want to take the "ultimate" dare as they can explore a location that is situated between North Adams and Florida. Paranormal enthusiasts have mentioned this is one of the "scariest" places to visit and here is some background on why this statement remains true to this day. Be prepared for a "spine tingling" experience that will have you think twice before entering this deep, dark cavern.

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Introducing The Hoosac Tunnel. It was in this vicinity where over 190 men lost their lives while constructing the connector from 1851 to 1875. Statistics show that crude construction equipment such as highly unstable explosives and unsafe work conditions forced workers to inhale noxious, volatile, flammable gasses which led to their untimely passing.


The amount of blood, sweat and lives that went into the creation of the 575 acre tunnel has earned a disturbing nickname: “The Bloody Pit.”  Railways and train cars continue to pass through the tunnel today. People who’ve ridden through this horrific and terrifying connector have proof that souls of the deceased workers can be heard screaming from the tunnel’s ballows. Now that to me is a scary situation.

-Photo by Alexandre Lallemand on Unsplash
-Photo by Alexandre Lallemand on Unsplash

These horrific moments have been reported for more than a century, as tales of apparitions have been witnessed as their website recounts tales of miners' stories seeing ghostly figures deep inside the tunnel which continues to be a source of fascination to this day. It runs under the Hoosac range of mountains for a total length of 25,031 feet or 4.74 miles.

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Trespassing is illegal and dangerous especially when inside the tunnel with a train! If you go inside and see a light, run and hide! that is unless of course its the portal as trains burn diesel fuel and produce among other things carbon monoxide and deafening amounts of noise! Trains also have people in them and people have eyes used for seeing things. In some way, shape or form, big brother is watching YOU!

BOTTOM LINE: With All Hallows Eve approaching, some words of wisdom for those brave at heart: "Enter if you dare!"

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