It is not uncommon that sometimes we come across some "unique animals" in our lives. Case in point my memory STILL goes back to my time spent in New York's lower Hudson valley as a stray "three legged cat" would come to my door asking for food and I always accommodated as this feline was very appreciative in nature. To this day, the whereabouts of this cat remained unknown when the visits abruptly stopped. I could not help but fear the worst, but my memory of helping a "four legged friend" will always remain with me.

Which leads me to the next reason why this article is being written as a couple in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada had an unusual experience when their 3-year-old bulldog Freya, gave birth to a litter of 7 puppies (not uncommon in a dog's life) but the pair immediately noticed something unusual about the eighth newborn as her fur was dyed "green".  Trevor and Audra Mosher were cleaning the canine mother but she started to go into labor again. An eighth puppy surfaced, only this time they were shocked to see her fur was dyed "green".

Statistics show this occurred due to a rare discoloration in which light-colored puppies coming into contact with green pigments from bile while in the womb. You can get more details on this unusual encounter north of the border by accessing this link.

Area veterinarians say this is not uncommon in nature as we have another photo of the unnamed "little green puppy" that is truly the talk of the town worldwide. I still think this is so cute and precious!

attachment-Green Canine 2
For more details regarding this unique canine, You can also chime in to Audra Rhys Facebook page post by going here. Now, how can Berkshire and tri-state region residents assist in this input? Put on your thinking caps as names are being considered and here are some of the possible choices (in alphabetical order): Fiona, Hulkette, Lucky Irish, Pistachio OR Wasabi. Any thoughts on your part? If so, leave a comment and we can forward the suggestions to Audra and Trevor Mosher as they welcome input in this historical milestone which ironically occurred prior to St. Patrick's Day (March 17th).
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 (Photos and background information courtesy of Audra Rhy's Facebook page)

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