A threat forced the Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School in Adams to shelter in place for about two hours on Thursday afternoon. There was not a lot of information on the specifics of the threat available this morning, but it was apparently enough to keep the school in "lockdown" mode until authorities could deem that the threat was not credible. 

Adams Police posted this information on Facebook Thursday...

Today (Thursday) the Adams Police Department, along with Massachusetts State Police, responded to a threat that was made at BART Charter. This threat was made using the Airdrop capability found on iPhones. After an extensive initial investigation, the threat level was unsubstantiated. The threat itself is still being investigated by this department. Thank you to the Mass State Police, and the faculty/staff of BART. Our initial priority, before anything else, is the safety of our children while at school.

Map via Google Maps
Map via Google Maps

Here is the post from the Adams Police Department...


The Berkshire Eagle reported that according to BART’s executive director, Jay White, the threat was received shortly after 11 AM by a student and then shared with a teacher. The contents of the message were not released, but White characterized it as “a threat of harm towards the school community.”

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BART School Facebook
BART School Facebook

Grateful parents responded to the post...

The Facebook post was followed by many responses from parents thanking the police personnel and school staff for doing what needed to be done to keep the school's students safe from potential harm as a result of the threat.

As mentioned previously, there was not a lot of information released regarding the details of the threat message, but one particular Facebook post response stated that a note that was airdropped from an iPhone said that "they had a gun and for.ppl.to hide." That statement however has not been substantiated by the Berkshire News Network.


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