Greta Thunberg has been named the 2019 Time Magazines Person of the Year.

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This 16-year-old girl with Aspergers is making people wake up and listen.

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Greta Thunberg gave a powerful speech at UN Climate Summit

'You Have Stolen My Dreams and My Childhood'

Thunberg began a global movement by skipping school: starting back in  August 2018, where Thunberg spent her days camped out in front of the Swedish Parliament, holding a sign painted in black letters on a white background that read in English means “School Strike for Climate.”

It has been eye-opening year for her, Time magazine reports that in the 16 months since, she has addressed heads of state at the U.N., met with the Pope, sparred with the President of the United States and inspired 4 million people to join the global climate strike on September 20, 2019, in what was the largest climate demonstration in human history.




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