Firefighters in Pittsfield responded for a reported building fire at the Elizabeth Freeman Center in Pittsfield Tuesday shortly after 1pm. The fire was reported to be in a closet. All occupants had safely been evacuated from the building upon firefighter’s arrival and all alarm systems were activated.

According to Deputy Fire Chief Neil Myers, the shelter’s director said that the occupant of the fire room smelled smoke and found fire in the closet and immediately grabbed a dry chemical extinguisher to put out the fire. Myers says that brave action stopped the fire from growing in size and placing additional risk on occupants and fire fighters.

Firefighters found the source of fire in the bedroom closet on the first floor and completely extinguished the fire. There were two injured occupants transported to Berkshire Medical Center for medical treatment by County Ambulance. The occupant that attempted to extinguish the fire suffered smoke and chemical extinguisher inhalation. Another resident suffered an ankle injury. No firefighters sustained injury during the call.

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The building sustained minor fire damage to floor of closet, smoke throughout bedroom and damage to a few doors that firefighters had to break through to gain access to the room where the fore was located.

The Pittsfield Fire Investigation Unit responded and determined that the cause of the fire was accidental in nature. All staff and occupants were allowed to return to the residence with exception of the fire room.

The Elizabeth Freeman Center has been providing services to address domestic and sexual violence in Berkshire County since 1974.

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