I'm not sure if you heard the news yet, Berkshire County. The members of the Pittsfield City Council have spoken and their voices were in unison. The subject in question? Body cameras for Pittsfield Police Officers and dashboard cams for their patrol cars.

The end result? The City voted unanimously in favor of having police officers equipped with body cameras and dashboard cameras, according to WTEN/News 10 Albany.

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Following up on a petition instituted by attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo calling for body and dashboard cams after two recent officer-involved shootings, the City Council looked into the measure.

In the words of the petition itself, video footage "neither favors the citizen interacting with the police nor the police officers themselves-it neutrally captures what actually occurred."

Now that it has been approved, the matter has been referred to Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer and Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn to be implemented. News 10 reports that Del Gallo, the sponsor of the petition, had this to say:

I am deeply grateful to the Pittsfield City Council and all the community that made it happen. So many of you turned out. I want to especially thank Jacquelyn Sykes. Her powerful words were most helpful.

It was Sykes' boyfriend, Daniel Gillis, who was shot by Pittsfield Police Officers and died as a result back in 2017. Pittsfield City Councilor Ken Warran is working on a governing ordinance for the cameras, and they could be implemented within the next few months.

For more on the story, check out WTEN's website here.

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