Package theft is on the rise, and it's probably just going to get worse as we get closer to Christmas. If "porch pirates" have struck your neighborhood, here are some tips to keep your packages safe.

Ship things to an Amazon locker, a UPS or FedEx store or to your work. Just make sure it's cool with your boss to receive personal packages.

Team up with neighbors. If you have a neighbor who's retired or works from home, ask them if you can ship something to their house or if they'd collect any packages left at your door.

Request a signature delivery. The downside is somebody needs to be home to sign for it. And depending on your work schedule, you might end up in a long line at the Post Office on a Saturday.

Track packages online. Also, sign up for delivery notifications in case the package gets delayed or delivered earlier than expected.

More people here in the Berkshires are Installing security cameras. There are several camera systems that record AND send real-time alerts to your phone when the motion detector senses movement.

Make it look like you're home. Leave lights on a timer. If you have an extra car, park it in the driveway so it looks like you're home. Even small changes can make a thief pass your house for an easier target.

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