Here's an odd question, Berkshire County residents: Do you know what the odds of winning $1 MILLION are? The odds are incredibly small, obviously. 1 in 1.792 million. Those are some tough odds but not impossible as proven by another recent winner in western Massachusetts.

This past Friday, May 19, somebody was lucky enough to add giant stacks of cash to their savings account by hitting a $10 scratch ticket for a very cool $1 million. Granted, that person will not be taking a million dollars home thanks to taxes, but hey, $650,000 is still a nice chunk of change.

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The winning $10 ticket was a "$4,000,000 Diamonds" scratch ticket and, according to the Mass State Lottery's website, it was purchased at New Corner Variety in good old Chicopee, Massachusetts!

The Mass State Lottery also reports that there were two other big winners on Friday, one in Danvers and one in Longmeadow and they each won $100,000! Congratulations to all three.

You know, I constantly complain that I never win, but the truth is I don't play. And you know how that saying goes...So until I make the choice to start playing the lottery, I'll continue to wish the best of luck to those who DO play. Sincerely. The Mass Lottery has more than enough to go around.

The State Lottery releases a daily list of all the winning tickets worth more than $600 sold in Massachusetts on that day. Check it out by visiting the website here.

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