One of the things that I quickly grasped when I first moved to Massachusetts was the fact that I am now living in a state that has seen plenty of films either filmed here, or had their setting here. As a movie buff, I couldn't help but be thrilled about this! But as Oscar season is upon us, there's plenty of great films to watch as they rack up their awards. But what about the horror genre? What is Massachusetts' most popular horror film set right here in the Bay State?

There are more than a few that come to mind. The publication 'Boston Uncovered' has helped out with some recommendations.

However, if we're talking about something a little more family friendly, the obvious answer for lots of people might be 'Hocus Pocus' starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. With the recent sequel that has been released this past fall, that's one that many will be re-watching each Halloween season. So, perhaps if you are looking for something for the whole family, that may be your winner, especially since much of the film was not only set in, but also filmed in Salem, MA.

However, if you're looking for something a little more on the classic side of things, maybe you will like the 60s horror classic, 'The Haunting'. The famous hill house where it takes place is said to be just outside Boston. And while the architecture is stylized like something in Massachusetts, the filming of the movie was actually done in Warwickshire, England.

Now, for something more recent! In 2015, a film that has a 90 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes is 'The Witch'. In what was an early film for Ana Taylor-Joy, who seems to be in a ton of things these days (watch 'Queen's Gambit' on Netflix or 'The Menu' on HBO Max), the film has plenty of ties to the famous Salem Witch Trials. It's quite unsettling as well. For a good recent horror movie set in the Bay State, 'The Witch' is where it's at.

Of course, how can you talk about horror films without at least mentioning this one? Especially when it was filmed on Martha's Vineyard! 'JAWS' was the first summer blockbuster ever, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind be startled by it given Halloween is just days away! Steven Spielberg's incredible masterpiece still has people afraid to go in the water and the cast is fantastic!

And there it is! A few recommendations for your viewing pleasure during this time of year all set in, or filmed right here in Massachusetts. Enjoy!

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