Berkshire County has much to offer. There's no doubt that people from other parts of the country flock to the Berkshires just to be a part of our culture and natural beauty. Sometimes Berkshire County natives take it for granted but our county's culture gives folks endless options for entertainment and exploration. In addition, the real estate market in Berkshire County has enjoyed quite the boom over the past couple of years as people from the city made the move to our county to get away from the high rates and threats of COVID-19. Whether it's a weekend getaway, purchasing a second home, or setting up roots permanently, Berkshire County has something for everyone.

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If you have lived in the county for a while, you may have observed some quirky aspects that make us unique. Below, I have included 36 characteristics that Berkshire County residents experience, recognize and find relatable. Being a lifelong resident of the Berkshires, I have observed many of these characteristics, locations, and cultural aspects for myself. Let's take a look at 36 ways to tell if you are from the Berkshires.

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