What may you ask is a seance? The actual definition is when a group of people get together to try and communicate with those who are dearly departed with the help of a medium, who actually conducts this practice. As Halloween looms around the bend, my question is "How many of our tri-state region listeners will gather at a round table to reconnect with a lost friend or relative?" The answer: Only Time Will Tell.

This weekend you have an opportunity to participate in a "Crystal Radio Seance" which features tales from local authors that tend to specialize in the realm of super natural, mysterious and strange. This spooky autumnal event will be presented LIVE on Saturday evening, October 30th after the sun sets (how apropos!) at The Hilltop Barn in Roeliff Jansen Park on route 22 in neighboring Columbia county (HOWDY Hillsdale!!) The festivities are brought to you by The Ancram Opera House. For more details, log on to their web site by going here.

If you prefer, The Mount on Plunkett Street in "Lovely Lenox" will offer a ghost tour of the estate that was once home to author Edith Wharton as rumors continue to abound the property is haunted to this day. It is not a seance of the sit down variety, however you will be encouraged to communicate with those from the great beyond. This get together begins at 10 pm on Saturday, October 30th and is NOT suitable for youngsters as admission will be available to those 12 and older. Masks MUST be worn and proper social distancing guidelines will be in effect.  To purchase tickets, access this link on The Mount's web site.

Both of these events will rely on donations from patrons as proceeds will assist in future funding projects to refurbish The Ancram Opera House and The Mount, so come on by, if you dare!

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