Let me pose this question to our Berkshire county residents: Are you seeing a newly formed 'cast of characters" when watching a local news broadcast? The changes have been consistent on both sides of the coin in New York's capital region and in neighboring, Springfield, Massachusetts. Here is my take on this "never-ending story":

Since last year, I have become very disenchanted with new revisions regarding local TV news. That has been the case since last year when my near and dear friend, Benita Zahn stepped down from the News Channel 13 anchor desk. Their 4 and 6 pm broadcasts have NOT been the same since her departure as her on-air presence is sorely missed. Now it is reported that her fellow "singing anchor", Jerry Gretzinger has announced he will be leaving the Albany New York based NBC station after a four year tour of duty in Menands. Both Benita and Jerry have also been featured as guests on my "Let's Talk" segment and I assure you that will continue when the situation warrants. Here is a photo of when they take center stage and trust me, it is worth the price of admission to see them perform live before your very eyes.

attachment-The Singing Anchors

If you recall, Jerry previously co-anchored the 5 pm newscast with another dear friend of mine, Liz Bishop at WRGB (CBS 6) in neighboring Schenectady prior to his arrival at NC 13 in 2017. Gretzinger has not announced his future plans, but you will STILL be able to see him perform with Benita and other locally based musical presentations. We'll keep you posted.

Anchor-reporter Jacquie Slater also stepped down back in January as she was a welcome site for yours truly, being I was familiar with her on-air work during her stint at News 8 in New Haven Connecticut. Her journalistic savvy was a welcome presence whether in studio or out on the field. She also has yet to announce where her next venture will take her in the realm of television broadcasting.

attachment-Solomon Syed

Meanwhile at WTEN-TV (News 10) they have made a welcome revision to their line-up as former Spectrum-Albany news anchor Solomon Syed has joined the news team on a daily basis. He replaces Tim Lake who opted not to renew his contract in 2022. The morning newscast is STILL looking for someone to replace the recently departed Mary Wilson as her spot is currently manned by weekend anchor Stephanie Rivas and feature reporter, Cassie Hudson.

attachment-Dave Madsen

How about bringing back this seasoned veteran to the Bay State airwaves? Even though, Dave Madsen has limited on-air time in Springfield, Western Mass News has also seen a variety of changes, particularly in their morning newscast. Taylor Jacobs and Jordan McCool have left the anchor desk and have been replaced by Dave Horwitz alongside Paris Dunford with Amanda Callahan serving as a back-up. Meteorologist Dan Brown has been the so-called "sole survivor" of this latest carousel of revisions.

attachment-22 News Logo

22 News has also seen some changes in their cast of characters as meteorologist Kelly Reardon recently departed from the morning news weather slot. The position has yet to be filled as Chris Bouzakis, Adam Sterzempko and weekend news anchor-reporter Nick Aresco have been taking turns to deliver the latest forecast in Western Massachusetts. Weekend anchor and reporter Mike Masciadrelli departed back in January as he headed south for a similar position at WTNH-TV in New Haven, Connecticut. Litchfield county viewers can now experience his journalistic savvy. Reporter Kristina D' Amours is now delivering the news every Saturday and Sunday morning at WWLP.

Has your scorecard run out of room yet? I know mine has. Personally, these upgrades show me there is no more consistency in the TV realm plus it makes me SO glad that in radio, the routine of wearing a suit and tie every day does not apply in our daily dress code. One thing for sure: I am LOYAL & TRUE in watching a pair of professionals who are also near and dear friends of mine: "The Capital Region's Lois Lane", Heather Kovar and the legendary Liz Bishop (both hold the fort in high fashion at CBS 6) Their daily presence on the small screen gives me one good reason to watch a local newscast on a consistent basis as it matters to me on how the product is delivered to viewers and both of these ladies as always get an A-PLUS in my books.

attachment-Ron & Heather

Here is a treasured photo of when Heather was a guest DJ on my radio show back in early 2020. Another appearance is on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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