One of my favorite summer activities especially when I was a kid was going to the lake with my family. Sitting out on the lawn chairs with the boombox and splashing in the water could keep me entertained for hours. I remember some of my favorite spots to go to in Massachusetts included D.A.R. State Forest in Goshen along with Ashmere Lake in Hinsdale. Those were fun times that I will forever cherish.

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I plan on hitting some lakes this summer as my daughter is really into swimming in lakes. She's 4 and has been asking lately "go to the lake?" which I told her we would be doing once it gets a little warmer. There will be some fun family times ahead this summer and the lake will be one of our prime destinations.

Looking for a New Lake This Summer? How About Checking Out the Best Lake in Massachusetts? 

If you are looking for a new lake experience in Massachusetts, you may want to give Long Pond in Lakeville and Freetown a try. As a matter of fact, Long Pond is the largest natural pond in Massachusetts covering 1,780 acres. Cheapism recently named Long Pond the best lake in Massachusetts. Here's the site's review of Long Pond.

Pack a picnic and head to Long Pond, which spans the towns of Brewster and Harwich, near Cape Cod. The two main beaches have lifeguards so kids can swim in safety while adults sunbathe. Tire of that and you can always hit the Cape Cod Bike Trail. Boating enthusiasts have three ramps to try. (Watch out when mapping routes: There's a completely different Long Pond about 60 miles west.)


I haven't been to Long Pond but judging by the review and breathtaking photos I think that will be one body of water that my family and I will need to visit this summer. Discovering a new lake is always a thrill for me.

You can learn more about Long Pond by going here. Happy swimming.

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