The Downtown Pittsfield Ambassador Program is back. Since July 1st pairs of friendly faces have been taking to the streets of downtown Pittsfield to be an approachable source of directions, information, and assistance for residents, visitors, business owners, and the public during the summer. Thanks to generous sponsorship of the program by the City of Pittsfield, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Lee Bank, and Pittsfield Garden Tour, Ambassadors will be on the streets at peak times for visitors, through Labor Day.

The Ambassador program is a partnership between Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. and the Pittsfield Police Department. The program addresses increased visitor presence during the summer and helps to relieve the demand on police presence downtown. It is based on similar models implemented in other cities around the country.

This year, the program will focus on downtown’s response to COVID-19 by providing masks to people that do not have them, picking up trash, and helping guide foot traffic to places to eat and shop.

This summer, there will be four Ambassadors; two returning: Melvin Wright and Amarie Starr, and two new: Alex Desrochers and Liam Tremlett.

Ambassadors Melvin Wright and Alex Desrochers


Their job is twofold focusing on concierge service and safety. The ambassadors are walking concierges. They are a welcoming, information sharing resource helping visitors and residents find parking, offering directions and wayfinding, and providing information on dining and shopping.

Ambassadors Melvin Wright and Amarie Starr pose in front of a parking meter downtown (Ambassadors are trained to assist with parking meters.)


The ambassadors are also trained and certified by the Pittsfield Police Department in CPR, AED, First Aid, and public safety protocol. Ambassadors observe street activity and, when needed, call for assistance via police radios, with which they are equipped.

Ambassadors Melvin Wright and Amarie Starr


Downtown Ambassadors walk in pairs along the downtown loop donning distinctive uniforms identifying them as official representatives of Pittsfield and greet everyone with a friendly hello.

The goal of the Downtown Pittsfield Ambassador Program is to create a welcoming downtown environment for all by delivering on DPI’s mission to maintain a clean, safe, and friendly district. Their primary focus will be on hospitality – giving directions and parking information, as well as information on things to do, places to eat, and where to shop. Ambassadors will also act as eyes and ears for public safety, social service partners, and public works by educating, assisting, and reporting on various needs and issues.

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