The number of flu cases in the Berkshires is up this year and with the vaccine available only being about 30 percent effective, you may wonder why the heck you should even bother. Well... you really should. That especially goes for those at increased risk, such as children and the elderly. Kayla Donnelly Winters, the Public Health Nurse Manager for the Pittsfield Department of Health tells the Berkshire News Network that 30 percent is better than nothing at all. It's no hassle, and in most cases you can get the vaccine without cost from your doctor or even when you pick up a prescription at your pharmacy.

I was being particularly lazy this season about getting my flu shot until Kayla joined me on City Talk last week and brought along a vaccination for me. After she was able to catch me (just kidding... it doesn't hurt at all), she gave me the shot. It was quick and painless.

Check out this video we shot and you'll see. I didn't even flinch. It's no big deal. So, if you haven't already done so, get your flu shot today. There's still time!


Now everyone is telling me that I should get a Pneumonia vaccine. Maybe that's next. Kayla?

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