Massachusetts is a quintessential New England state that’s so beautiful and totally historic to explore. From exploring the capital city of Boston, little gems like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Islands plus the variety at Cape Cod, it’s truly one of the most epic places to visit. This is especially true if you love the outdoors, with some of the best hikes are located right here in the Bay State.

Before you start this trek, be sure to choose the right hike that fits your experience and fitness levels. Oh, another reminder: Always proceed with utmost caution and care!

Here are the top 3 destinations that are mandatory in your summer itinerary:

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Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Topsfield (just a 40-minute drive from Boston) where you can partake in over twelve miles of trails that are spread out over this sanctuary. Hikers rank this stretch of land as the BEST statewide stopover as some trails are considered more of a long walk that is ideal for all ages  The Rockery Trail will take around 45-minutes to walk and is almost totally flat and easy to enjoy. If you fancy a longer stroll, head on the 2 mile long South Esker Loop trail. This is also an absolutely incredible opportunity if you love spotting an assortment of wildlife that surrounds the vicinity.

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Next up: Mount Norwottuck located at Mount Holyoke State Park. Keep in mind, this is a fairly strenuous hike that is just over three miles long. and should be handled by those with experience. The summit of Mount Norwottuck stands over 1,100 feet tall and you’ll be able to get a glimpse of a stunning and breathtaking view of the Connecticut River Valley. On the return trip, make a stop to visit the Horse Caves which are in reality closer to overhangs, and they are rich in history, having been used by the rebels during Shay’s Rebellion.

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Finally, here is a location that is nestled right here in The Berkshires. The Bish Bash Falls Trail at Bish Bash Falls State Park where you’ll experience the highest single-drop waterfall in the state either by hiking from the top down or in the reverse direction, the choice is yours. The 2-mile long trail takes less than an hour to complete and is suitable for those who are true hiking scholars. Although this is an easy trail, beginners should be accompanied with those who are familiar with this stretch of turf. Be extra careful in the chillier months as areas can get icy and slippery! Summer and fall are ideal times to check this marvelous scenery located in south county as this is a popular local spot for locals and visitors alike.

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