All right, eagle-eye people-spotters! Gonna need your help, Berkshire County. The Pittsfield Police Department has reached out on social media asking for our help in finding a missing teenager.

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According to the PPD on its Facebook page, Trevin Foster, a 16-year-old Pittsfield teenager has been reported missing. Trevin is described as a black male, approximately 5'10" and 140 pounds.

Trevin has brown eyes and brown hair. Here's another photo shared by the Pittsfield Police Department:

Soules, John/Pittsfield Police Department
Soules, John/Pittsfield Police Department

If you have any information whatsoever on Trevin's whereabouts, please reach out to the PPD as soon as possible. Please call the police department at 413-448-9700. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. The PPD thanks you for your help in this matter.

By the way, there is an additional page on Facebook that provides pictures and information regarding area residents who went missing. The good news is that some of these missing folks have finally been found. The bad news is that many are still missing. Do yourself a favor and visit #pittsfieldmissing when you have a few minutes.

Refamiliarize yourself with these missing children, teens, and adults. You never know, something may jog your memory and you just may realize that you've seen one of these people recently. Not only will the police appreciate it, but so will the families of the missing.

And thanks as always to the men and women of the Pittsfield Police Department for all the hard work you put forth each and every day. For the initial story, visit their Facebook page here.

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