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The U.S. Capitol was overrun with protesters today bent on disturbing the political process. The Capitol building was put on lockdown this afternoon as lawmakers worked toward certifying the election of President-Elect Joe Biden.

As thousands of protesters gathered outside the capital, literally climbing the walls, the Capital building itself was put on lockdown with lawmakers inside as violent clashes broke out between supporters of President Donald Trump and police. Dozens of people breached security perimeters at the Capitol and lawmakers inside the House chamber were told to put on gas masks as tear gas was fired in the Rotunda.

Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election
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Protesters tore down metal barricades at the bottom of the Capitol’s steps and were met by officers in riot gear, as some apparently were trying to push past the officers who held shields and officers could be seen firing pepper spray into the crowd to keep them back.

At one-point security personnel had guns drawn inside on the house floor as a group of protesters tried to break down a door leading to the floor. Protesters were indeed able to breach the floor, putting on a display that was difficult to watch.

Congress Holds Joint Session To Ratify 2020 Presidential Election
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President Trump weighed in with some tweet’s asking protesters to act peacefully, but did not immediately ask them to disperse.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a joint statement pleaded with President Trump to demand that protesters leave the Capital immediately.

Just after 4 PM, President-Elect Biden spoke to the media and to the American people calling on protesters to disperse and calling on President Trump to "step-up" and to go on National television immediately to demand an end to the protest.

Shortly after Biden's' comments, the president did finally release a statement telling protesters to "go home, and go home in peace."

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