With early voting getting underway for the State Primary Election the City of Pittsfield is making it easy for you to drop off your ballot without concern that it will be missed.

The mail-in system, after a push by lawmakers to get it in place, is not exactly off to a stellar start. Many people seem apprehensive about mailing their ballots as the nation is amid controversy surrounding slowing mail, purportedly at the hands of President Trump, and the removal of mailboxes in some areas. Maybe we are not feeling it so much here in the Berkshires, but it does have people looking for alternatives for getting their ballots counted.

Pittsfield City Clerk Michele Benjamin is reminding residents in the city that the secure drop box that is installed in the rear of City Hall is available for all correspondence, including the submission of state primary ballots.

In recent days, we have received many inquiries regarding state primary ballots and the city’s drop box. We want to assure voters that they can safely deposit their ballots in the City of Pittsfield’s drop box, which is checked by staffers frequently throughout the day. ~ City Clerk Michele Benjamin


The drop box was installed in March due to the closure of Pittsfield municipal offices and buildings to contain the spread of COVID-19. Since its placement, the drop box has provided community members with an easy-to-use and safe method to submit their communications to City Hall.

For more information and a list of frequently asked questions, you can visit the City of Pittsfield website at www.cityofpittsfield.org and click on Registrar of Voters. You can also call 413-499-9460.

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