The Great Barrington Fire Department was able to rescue a dog that had found itself in a bit of a tricky situation on Friday morning. The first responders were dispatched at around 9:30 am for the dog that had fallen off a cliff at the top of Monument Mountain.

Luna apparently only fell about 10 feet...

According to a post on the Great Barrington Fire Department's Facebook page, Great Barrington’s technical rescue team hiked to the summit with extensive equipment. Upon reaching the top rescuers found the dog, named Luna, had only fallen about 10 feet before catching herself on a tiny rock just big enough for her to stand on. Officials say she was patiently waiting to be rescued and was not in imminent danger of falling the remaining 100 feet to the bottom. 

"Luna" was hauled up with a rope system...

Firefighters rigged a rope system to lower a rescuer over the edge to Luna. She was secured by the rescuer and they were both safely hauled back up. Luckily, Luna did not sustain any injuries as a result of the fall.
Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook
Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook
(Above: A rescuer is lowered down to secure Luna)

Fire Chief Charles Burger called it a happy outcome...

Luna resides just over the state line in Hillsdale, NY, and her owner works in Great Barrington.
It is always rewarding to have a happy outcome for an incident like this. We have trained hard for such rescues over the past decade as similar incidents have been increasing. Our firefighters did a fantastic job. ~ Fire Chief Charles Burger
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The rescue took about two hours...

It took roughly two hours for the rescue to be completed, including having all the rescuers off the mountain and back in service. Great Barrington was assisted by rope technicians from the Egremont Fire Department.
Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook page
Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook page
(Above: Rescuers work to haul "Luna" to the top of the mountain ledge)
As part of the Facebook post, the Great Barrington Fire Department took the opportunity to remind people that the top ridge of Monument Mountain is not a safe hike for dogs or young children. They said that if you do bring your dog on the hike make sure you abide by the rules of the mountain and keep your dog on a leash at all times.
Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook

(Above: The dog "Luna" baing brought up to the top)

Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook
Great Barrington Fire Department Facebook

(Above: "Luna" safe and sound back on the top of the mountain)



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