Because ballots must be in the hands of local election officials by 8 p.m. Tuesday, Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin is urging voters who requested mail-in ballots to deliver them either by hand to local election officials, to their local polling location, or by putting it in a local election drop box.

If you live in the City of Pittsfield, there is a secure drop box behind the Pittsfield City Hall building. The drop box is also for general correspondence and making payments.


Sign on the Drop Box located in the rear of Pittsfield City Hall
Sign on the Drop Box located in the rear of Pittsfield City Hall


If you have chosen to vote the traditional way, you will make your way to the polling place in your community Tuesday as you normally would. Polls are open throughout the Berkshires Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

These are the current polling locations in Berkshire County:

Adams: Department of Public Works garage, 92 N. Summer Street (413-743-8320)

Alford: Town Hall, 5 Alford Center Road (413-528-4536)

Becket: Town Hall, 557 Main Street (413-623-8934, ext. 11)

Cheshire: Senior Center, 119 School Street (413-743-1690)

Clarksburg: Senior Center (413-663-8255)

Dalton: Community Center, 400 Main Street (413-684-6111)

Egremont: Fire station, 175 Egremont Plain Road (413-528-0182, ext. 11)

Florida: Town Office, 379 Mohawk Trail (413-664-6685)

Great Barrington: Precincts A, C, D: Fire station, State Road -- Precinct B (Housatonic): Community Center, Main Street (413-528-3140, ext. 3.)

Hancock: Hancock School, Route 43 (413-738-5225)

Hinsdale: Town Hall, 39 South Street (413-655-2301)

Lanesborough: Town Hall, 83 North Main Street (413-442-1351)

Lee: Crossway Village, 21 Crossway Street (413-243-5505)

Lenox: Town Hall, 6 Walker Street (413-637-5506)

Monterey: Town Hall, 435 Main Road (413-528-5175)

Mount Washington: Town Hall, 118 East Street (413-528-2839)

New Ashford: Town Hall, 188 Mallory Road (413-458-5461)

New Marlborough: Town Hall, 807 Mill River Southfield Road (413-229-8278)

North Adams: St. Elizabeth's Parish Center, St. Anthony Drive - all wards (413-662-3015)

Otis: Town Hall, 1 N. Main Street (413-269-0101)

Peru: Community Center, 3 E. Main Road (413-655-8312)


Pittsfield: (413-499-9460)

- Ward 1, Precincts A/B: Reid Middle School, 950 North Street

- Ward 2, Precinct A: Morningside Community School, 100 Burbank Street

- Ward 2, Precinct B: Fire station, 9 Somerset Avenue

- Ward 3, Precinct A: Providence Court, 379 East Street

- Ward 3, Precinct B: Egremont Elementary School, 84 Egremont Avenue

- Ward 4, Precinct A: Herberg Middle School, 501 Pomeroy Avenue

- Ward 4, Precinct B: Williams Elementary School, 50 Bushey Road

- Ward 5, Precincts A/B: Berkshire Athenaeum, 1 Wendell Avenue

- Ward 6, Precinct A: Columbus Arms, 65 Columbus Avenue

- Ward 6, Precinct B: Conte Community School, 200 W. Union Street

- Ward 7, Precinct A: Fire station, 54 Pecks Road

- Ward 7, Precinct B: Capeless Elementary School, 86 Brooks Avenue


Richmond: Town Hall, 1529 State Road (413-553-7409)

Sandisfield: Old Town Hall, 3 Silverbrook Road (413-258-4170)

Savoy: Senior Center, 720 Main Road (413-743-3759)

Sheffield: Senior Center, 25 Cook Road (413-229-8752)

Stockbridge: Town Offices, 50 Main Street (413-298-4170)

Tyringham: Town Hall, 116 Main Road (413-243-1749)

Washington: Town Hall, 8 Summit Hill Road (413-623-2185)

West Stockbridge: Village School, 21 State Line Road (413-232-0300)

Williamstown: Williamstown Elementary School, 115 Church Street (413-458-9341)

Windsor: Town Hall, 1890 Route 9 (413-684-3811)

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