Pittsfield City Hall reopened to the public today.  Although the doors are open, city hall has reopened with limited days and limited hours of operation.

City Hall is open two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon or by appointment.

The entrance will be restricted to the North Street entrance and visitors will exit the building from the North Street and Fenn Street exits.   You will be required to wear a mask (or face covering) when on the grounds.

If you need to schedule an appointment outside of the hours of operation you are encouraged to call 413-449-5600.

Pittsfield City Hall has been closed to the public and all non-emergency personal since March 16th because of the Covid-19 outbreak.  The closing was issued by emergency orders issued by Governor Charlie Baker.

Posted on the Pittsfield City Hall Facebook page...

City Hall - City of Pittsfield

City Hall reopens to the public on Tuesday, Sept. 1 with limited days/hours of operation.

As a reminder, the access point to City Hall will be restricted to the accessible ramp entrance only and face coverings are required. Visitors may exit using the other access points in the building.

For municipal offices located at 100 North St., the North Street entrance will be the point of entry. Exits for this building include both the North Street entrance and the exit by 10 Fenn St.

To schedule an appointment outside of the current times of operation, please call 413-449-5600.

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